A Skilled and Dedicated Membership-Based Family Medicine, Serving Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, and Other Nearby Communities in Texas.

About Karismed

KarisMed Family Medicine is a membership-based Direct Primary Care medical practice dedicated to caring for patients of all ages – adults and children. KarisMed is a provider of medical services by skilled and dedicated professionals, delivering high quality individualized primary care and functional medicine services to our valued patients. In everything we do, our goal is to be the most preferred and trusted primary care medical facility in the communities we serve.

“In everything we do, our goal is to be the most preferred and trusted primary care medical facility in the communities we serve.”

Our dedicated plans provide preventive care, acute condition care, chronic disease management, effective coordination across healthcare providers, and using system-oriented approach to address the underlying causes of diseases, in a cost-effective, convenient, and comforting method.

The conventional primary care practice physician cares for an average of 3,000 patients panel every year, while our physicians care for a significantly reduced patient panels in our practice model. This allows our physicians and supportive caregivers to provide an optimal level of care and dedication to each patient. At karisMed, we ensure care is delivered and pivots around the axis of an enduring relationship between each esteemed patient and his/her dedicated physician.

In addition, we offer our patients and their families other valuable benefits, such as executive-level annual comprehensive physical exams, unlimited physician visits with no copays, deductibles or insurance billing, same day or next day guaranteed office appointment, no in-waiting office time, personalized disease prevention and management solution, discounted medicals, imaging and advanced labs, functional medicine, and nutritional and fitness counseling.

At KarisMed, we utilize new techniques and innovations to provide outstanding patient-focused medical care to our patients, while ensuring a personified, proactive, and compassionate healthcare and wellness plan for each individual member. We are delighted as the true essence and future of optimal patient care.

Our practice model is designed to fit each patient’s personal preferences and will help establish long-term relationships with every patient. Our dedicated physicians are Board certified, licensed medical professional in the state of Texas. Our office location provides the unique opportunity to serve at the backdrop of two of the fastest growing planned communities in the nation: Cinco Ranch and Cross Creek Ranch.

KarisMed Family Medicine is an innovative primary care facility dedicated to clinical excellence, delivering satisfying patient experience and providing optimal medical care to patients in Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, Brookshire, Simonton, and other nearby communities.