Our Purpose

At KarisMed, every action we take as an organization is aligned with our beliefs, which provide the basis for who we are and how we do things. Our mission, vision and core values define how we treat our patients, work collectively as a team, and are fundamental part of our continuous success.


Our mission is to provide high value patient-centric medical care, while ensuring an individualized, proactive and compassionate healthcare and wellness plan for all our members.


Our vision is to be the preferred medical facility where graceful, superior, individualized and optimal care are offered to our valued patients by skilled and dedicated professionals, directly addressing quality, access and affordability, while advancing their personal and career goals in rewarding manners. We take great pride as the future and true essence of outstanding patient care delivery.

Core Values

At KarisMed, we will demonstrate a commitment to our core values in all our relationships.


We are dedicated to providing optimal services and achieve them by continuously measuring and outperforming our end results. Our commitment to excellence is more than striving to exceed our patients’ and caregivers’ expectations, it is our culture of service, each and every time.


We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, trust, confidentiality, respect, accountability and transparency both in words and actions. We always perform our jobs in a responsible and conscientious manner.


Treating each other with understanding and dignity is of upmost importance at KarisMed. We demonstrate our commitment and love for humanity, by providing graceful care and supportive environment for our patients, their families, and fellow caregivers.


We collaborate and communicate to deliver superior medical care and wellness for patients and fellow caregivers. Together everyone achieves more.


We foster an environment where creative thinking is encouraged, and continually utilize our expertise and innovative techniques, to seek better, more efficient ways to constructively challenge the status quo and proffer new solutions.